Sunday, May 29, 2011

once in 6 months is pretty good....

Okay, fine. I am getting to be a once per 6 month blogger. Sorry. (Sort of.) The truth is, I just don't like sitting down and thinking about what to tell an undefined audience so I don't really like contributing to blogging, twitter, facebook, or anything like that (although, I like to read all of your information). However, I do feel, about once every six months, that my children will say that I did not capture their childhood in an acceptable format or that family/friends in far away places will forget about us. So I feel the need to keep this thing up, if you can call this blog entry "keeping it up".

J is doing great. He is loving his work at The For the City Network. He is busy all the time and getting very good at juggling it all, most the time:). He has also recently begun a Navy Seal workout regimen, not to be a Navy Seal, just to be hardcore. He is not yet Navy Seal material, but if he gets resolved enough, watch out. He's unstoppable. We will be married 6 years this summer and he is increasingly the best person I have ever known, short of Jesus. (No offense to any of you, of course!:) We also recently found out that J's grandma's great-grandfather was Chinese. J's grandma is, of course, Mexican. No one has mentioned this before now. He is having a slight identity crisis. :)

I am heading the opposite direction on the "fit" spectrum as I am expecting number 3 in January. That makes me something like 9 weeks. I don't feel near as crappy as I did with the girls, but still plenty crappy. I think the baby is a boy based on this fact. I have also been quite the pushover in my pregnancy fog. Today I agreed to make popcorn and sprinkles for Annie's "friends". That sounds normal enough until I tell you that her friends are stuffed animals. Most people want to know if the pregnancy was planned. Well, aside from January babies not being planned since everyone knows that is the worst month for a birthday, the baby was also not prevented in any methodical way and the baby's mom is just not a good planner anyways, so it was a welcomed surprise. It was a magical moment. J kept asking if I was pregnant and I kept saying "who knows?". J's frustration mounted with a sudden swing into Walgreens on our way to lunch. He told me to go in buy a test, go to the bathroom and take it, and come out and tell him what it said. Positive.

Annie is quite the lady. She has about 40 stuffed animals that she must sleep with every night. That isn't abnormal for a kid her age, but what is abnormal is that they each have miniature pillows and blankets (compliments of J's sister). I think she might spend up to an hour putting them to bed after we have left her room for the night. She also has gotten really good at telling stories lately. The key elements are Jesus, monsters, someone jumping and getting hurt, 5 angels, and alot of "so" and "aaaaannnnd" all in the same story. She is committed to being comfortable. If she gets hurt at all throughout the day, she will demand her pjs. If she takes a nap, she will demand her pjs. If she goes upstairs, she will change herself into pjs. She spends most of her days in pjs. Annie, right now is really nurturing, serious, and likes to be in charge. She is the person who if you try to tickle her she will say "STOP!" and then 40 seconds later ask you to tickle her and love it.

Lucy is our immediate gratification child. For every moment that annie spends by herself reading to and putting her friends to bed, Lucy is screeching and trying to climb up our legs or on the table. She is a performer and a cuddler. If there are purses, necklaces, sunglasses or scarves lying around she will find them, put them on, and wait for you to clap for her. She is 0-60. She refuses any form of public childcare (church, gym, etc), because she is loud enough to make everyone suffer for your mistake as a parent in leaving her for 30 minutes. She is cute enough to make your heart melt and stubborn enough to make you pull your hair out- all at the same time. She recently learned to say please, which has spared our ears some squealing. This is a major break-though for us.
Lucy in action

In other family news, we have had the craziest 2 weeks. Justin's dad was in a motorcycle accident resulting in severe skin burns on his arms, face, stomach, hands, and knees. Some stitches and some broken fingers. We are thankful that it wasn't worse, but he will be in bandages for over a month! Judy is being so brave and thorough in helping him care for the wounds.

The same day our sweet niece, Ivey (19months) was admitted for respitory issues. After lots of worst case scenarios, the doctors settled on viral pneumonia/ a viral induced asthma attack. She is doing much better now, thankfully. Babies in hospitals is the worst. :(

ivey's first smile at the hospital... starting to feel a little better

1 week later we learned that a tornado hit Joplin, home to my Grandma, Dad, Aunt, Uncle, cousins, and several family friends. My grandma's house was leveled with my dad and gramma in it. Dad is recovering with an arm broken in 4 places (got surgery just 2 days ago due to the wait), sprained ankle, broken ribs, and lots of glass all over. Gramma has a fractured hip and was already recovering from surgery. Both have lost everything they own except the clothes they were wearing. No phones, no wallets, no ids, no house, no cars. Both are thrilled to be alive.

Gramma's House. You can see the fire place is basically the only thing recognizable.

In other, more positive, family news, my other Gramma, Mary, celebrated 90 years with a bang! So thankful to all be there to celebrate with her!
molly, lucy, gramma, sally, annie

We are also having our 10 year reunion this coming weekend! Go Warriors!

me and J at our high school graduation.

Check back in December for more updates!


MichelleWebb said...

I'm part of your undefined audience. I can relate to your lack of motivation (except living overseas motivates me a little more maybe ) Miss you Sal!

MichelleWebb said...

oh yeah, it's fun that we're both expecting #3! I'm due early October..

Leah said...

let's shoot for 1 post every 3 months or something...

Steph said...

So fabulous...I love your updates and am thrilled that our daughters seem to be identical...this may be useful down the road you know! And I am really happy for our number threes to be close too...and maybe your son will look asian since this new info about Justin's lineage has come to the surface! Love you, friend