Saturday, May 16, 2009

Annie's Walking!

Annie has been walking now for a few weeks now and it's time to share it!

She started with a couple of steps a little over a month ago, but then decided not to do it again for a few weeks. Three weeks ago she started back up and has now been walking everywhere! She rarely ever thinks walking is more fun.

Here's a video! (the song in the background wasn't on purpose, it's just a television ad):

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy Mom Day

A little late, but a few things about Mom's Day.  It's always a little bittersweet for me, remembering my mom, but not being able to celebrate with her.  On the other hand feeling like God has provided me with so many great moms to learn from and grow with.  Moms who get excited over Annie's little triumphs and trials like I do (and like my mom would).  Moms who have advice on the small stuff (like how to get your kid to eat certain things or stop screaming to get your attention every few minutes).  God has provided me with a whole army of moms that I can look to.  Sisters, sisters in laws, aunts, cousins, mother in laws, grandmas, grandmas in laws, and friends.  I love you all and you each teach me something with the way you love and enjoy your kids.

Speaking of grandmas, our Nana (on Justin's side), just got recognized in the newspaper in Tucson for a contest called "Mom's at her Funniest".  Her daughter, (our Aunt Moni), entered her in the contest without her knowing and she won!  Nana is really neat lady that I am very glad to know. Diviértase en su día de balneario, Nana! (compliments of! hehe)

Here is the article:

"Still Learning and Laughing Along the Way!"

"Mom was born in Mexico and spoke only Spanish. After marriage and obtaining legal residency, mom wanted to take it a step further and apply for citizenship. Dad helped her learn English and study for her citizenshipclasses, tests and interviews. During one of these many study sessions, dad asked mom a constitution question that she kept missing. Finally, she waves her arms, and in her frustration, she says, "Ayyyyy,Alfredo, I don't underwear!" Needless to say, dad had a few extra vocabulary lessons with mom. To this day, mom and I still use this and it takes us back to that day, with dad. Oh, and yes, mom passed successfully!"