Sunday, February 28, 2010

My top 3 awkward pregnancy moments...

and this is only from the past week.

1. While attending a conference on adoption last weekend, an older man stops me in a hall and places one hand on my lower/ mid back and the other hand over my naval and shakes my belly up and down while he says in a low voice "no adoption necessary". Strangely, it happened so fast that I wasn't that shocked or offended, but I could have been on so many accounts and how was he to know seeing that we were and are still perfect strangers?

2. On the following day, I was at an outdoor shopping area and a man asks "is this your first?" I say no, that it is my second. He asks, "are you sure it isn't your second AND third?" On the one hand, i understand that many people don't keep up with pregnant people and so maybe this is a fair question. However, on the other hand, under no circumstance should you ever err on the side of a pregnant women looking like she is carrying multiple humans in her stomach when there are any other explanations.

3. On Friday I got a pedicure with my pal Katie. When we walked in a woman came straight up to me and touched my stomach while smiling. I don't know if she said anything because I was on the phone with Sprint at the time and was caught a little off guard. I thought maybe she was the woman who was going to do my nails just being ultra-friendly as to secure a good tip, but she was just another customer. After my phone call was done, she went on to tell me that she was "getting married tomorrow and after that [she] would like to do that" (pointing at my stomach). I assume she meant be impregnated when she said "that."

Anyways, Lucy is due this coming Friday- woohoo! We are ready to go, or as much as possible anyways. Getting to spend some extra special time with Annie for now- priceless. I really do love pregnancy until about the last 3 days to 1 week. I have officially crossed over and can't wait to have both my girls on the outside and to be able to breathe, sleep on my stomach, and not have to support the weight of my stomach with my hands!

Additionally, I am tired of J calling me "big mama".

This is me and my friend, Leah, a couple of weeks ago. She was due 10 days before me on Feb 23rd and delivered Henry on Friday, Feb 26th! What a cutie:

Things are getting much more real now....