Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

Went out to the Elgin Pumpkin Patch with a couple of families- the Engstroms and the Gentrys!

Here is a classic kids' photo. Everyone equally distracted and/or unhappy.

The Engstroms

The Gentrys


And a few solo shots...

Hudson Engstrom- so cute!

Logan, this picture should be on match.com if you weren't married.
It looks like you are trying to market yourself as "the outdoors type".

The big boys- Micah, Eli, and Calvin! Went all the way to Elgin and the main attraction-
a grasshopper.

Good day!

Happy Halloween!

Halloween started out with some bagels with the family and all the kids in their costumes (except Halle, who insisted on wearing her Hello Kitty Halloween shirt for the 3rd time in a row:-). What a funny girl! Little Ivey was not shown since she was sleeping most of the time. Pictures of her and new baby Bryce to come!

This year, we decided it was time to finally do J's ideal Halloween costumes: oompa loompas. At first, we were all going to be oompa loompas, but since oompa loompas are disturbing enough, we decided not to subject the world to a pregnant oompa loompa. However, J insisted that the world be subjected to a 6'6" oompa loompa.

On the other hand, what is more disturbing? A pregnant oompa loompa or a pregnant Dora the Explorer? Hmmm... both are creepy. You decide.

We had a great halloween! J and Annie developed quite the fan base with the neighbors, with several of them asking to take their picture.

We had several friends come over and bedazzle us with their costumes. We will hopefully post them as we get the pictures!

Hope you had a great one!