Monday, August 25, 2008

Sea World is the place to be!

Strangely enough, I have lived in Austin my whole life and never been to Sea World San Antonio. I am making up for some serious lost time. I LOVE Sea World. The Shamu show, the Penguin Encounter, Shamu Harbor, Dolphin Cove, the flamingos, the sea lions... I can't get enough. I went once in June with my brother Kevin's family (Leslie, Ellie (3), Halle (10 months)), after which I bought a season pass. I went for the second time this past weekend with Justin's parents, Al and Judy and Justin's sister's family (Al & Judy, Brittany & Greg, Johanna (2), Lydia (3 months)). I think at this point, Annabel doesn't care at all... but she will! She had a significantly better time in August, than in June so either Shamu stepped it up a knotch or Annie got a little more attentive.

Here is the 1st trip...

Halle and Annie
They have no idea what's coming.
Ellie- what a big kid!

Kevin and Annie at the Shamu show
Notice Annie's attentiveness.

Leslie and Halle at the Shamu Show- cutie pies.
Ellie at the Shamu show
Oh, Ellie.

How Annie spent most of the day :-)

We may have jumped the gun on getting to ride in the cool stroller.

Ellie and Kevin

The second trip...
The whole crew!

Annie at the Shamu Show... notice her attentiveness now!Jo and Brittany before the big splash
Jo and Brittany after the big splash. Not Jo's favorite part!
Annie had a blast! Although she probably would have had just as much fun on her playmat at home. :-)

Some things don't change...

It was a pretty long day!

Brittany, Greg, Jo & Lydia came to visit from North Carolina for the week and it was such a great time to spend with family! We also went to the museum, rode the Zilker train, and swam in the pool a ton, but I forgot my camera until Sea World.

I am already looking to go back. Any takers?

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Introducing Annie

Annie is 4 months and still there are many of my dearest friends and family who have not yet met her. I thought for those of you who haven't yet met Annabel it might be helpful to know a few things...

1) she is very cute. here is a visual aid...

This is picture of Annie this past weekend in San Francisco. We went for Justin's cousin's wedding and it was amazing!! We spent time in San Jose, Santa Cruz, Morgan Hill and San Francisco. Most of it from the car, but we only had a few days. The best part was catching up with family. As you might notice, she is in her carseat. This is how she spent most of her time in sunny California, but she didn't really know the difference. As long as her toy monkey Melvin was there- she didn't really care where she was.

2) Annie is a big girl. You can't really tell until you hold her next to someone her age, but she tops the charts at a whopping 97%. I think she might take after me (Sally). Some speculate that her big size is what allows her to sleep so long (which is great) and go longer between feedings (which is also great). Yay for a big little girl!

3) Annie is pretty loud. Annie is a singer/yeller/chatterer/ laugher. On any given morning, she spends about 30 minutes to 1 hour talking and laughing to herself in her crib before she wants to get up. It is the best alarm clock I have ever had.

This will probably not be the last time you hear about Annie. :-)