Friday, December 19, 2008

I'd like to tell you a little bit about myself....

Hello. My name is Annabel. I'd like to tell you a little bit about myself. I can't talk yet, but I have so much to say so my mom is teaching me some sign language. I am still catching on, but there's one thing I learned very quickly. It might be because people tell me this particular thing everyday, everywhere I go. I want you to hear it straight from me.

There is a small chance you already figured it out.



Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Everything is moving so fast...

Time keeps slipping away, so a few quick updates from November!

Sea World!!! Again! It is even better in November than in the summer. The weather was 7o degrees and all the Christmas decorations are up! The shows were awesome and not crowded and there were Christmas carols playing. What more could you want?

Annie and her "dadadada"

The dolphins are a little more friendly this time of year. They get super close. Maybe because there are less tourists feeding them. Maybe because it's just Christmas spirit. Who knows?

Molly and Ellie on their favorite ride. Hard to say who liked it more.

Leslie and Halle. Two of the most photogenic people on the planet!


My cousin, Kayla, in Plano had her baby, Bailey! She is such a cutie!


Justin's parents made the big move to St. John and his sister's family (The Burtons) came in town to celebrate Thanksgiving from NC. So fun to have them and reconnect. They come a couple of times a year which i always wish was more, but when they come, they usually get to spend a week or more, which is so nice!

Johanna has a slight obsession with a few things... sucking her thumb, touching her bellybutton and rubbing people's cheeks if they are soft (babies are prime targets). This picture displays two of her obsessions in action.

Baby Lydia! She is 2 months and 1 day younger than Annie! She is affectionately called "Wydia" by her sister and most of us!

Annie and Lydia happen to look alot alike even though they look more like me and Greg, who are not related. Hmmmm.

What a cutie pie!

Brittany (J's sister) and Wydia!


Then one of our good friends, Parker, came! He is the best! He played baseball with J at A&M and continues on with baseball (he is in his off season now). He loves Annie and she loves him, too. He is one of the biggest encouragements to us and if you know him, try to convince him to move to Austin!

December updates are coming soon!!!

Hope you all are enjoying the holidays! Much Love!


I've been tagged!

It happened awhile ago, but I am just now catching up! :-)

Here are the instructions...
1. Go to your pictures
2. Upload the fourth picture in the fourth file
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A picture at the park during our engagement! Who is impressed by my brute strength?

Beth, Katie, Olivia, Jenny... you're up next!