Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Beach Trip

So since J started his new job in January we haven't taken any vacation time. Realizing that we have a busy Fall ahead, he decided to take 2 weeks off starting the day that Total Sports Camp ended. I desperately love any beach, lake, etc. and Annie had never been to a beach yet so it was time to go. On Saturday we booked 4 days at Port Royal in Port Aransas, TX, leaving on Monday. Sort of a last minute decision- it was so worth it!

Strangely we realized we had never taken Annie on vacation without other family members around so we were all hyped up! We had no clue how much work it is to take a 1.5 year old on vacation by ourselves. WOW. We considered several times taking her to this daycare center and asking if we could just pay for dinnertime. Not necessarily the relaxing get-a-way you imagine. We both brought tons of books that we never once cracked. As soon as she would go down for a nap or bedtime, so would we. Even though it was lots of work, it was so amazing to see her on the beach and exploring everything.

This trip was full of firsts: J's first time to Port A (a place full of memories for me), Annie and J's first swim in the awesome Port Royal pool complete with a slide ride, Annie's first crab salad, sno-cone, sandcastle, and hermit crab encounter!

Can't wait to do it again!

(we've never had smiles this big from annie actually directed at the camera)

(i don't think this is true)

(i feel like i need to explain j's shirt. i bought this for him as a gift in mexico. he really likes wearing intimidating tank tops when he is on vacation.)

(lovin' some pool time with daddy)

(her favorite beach activites: eating sand and sitting up to her chest in the ocean until the waves came and splash over her or she starts sinking)

( j found tons of hermit crabs. annie had no fear whatsoever- she loves them!)

(the boats outside sally's family's favorite Port A restaurant- Virginia's on the Bay.)

(we decided to introduce the ol' "bury the daddy in the sand" idea. if you notice annie in the top left that pretty much tells the story about how cool she thought this was.)